Emergency Routes & Road Closures

All emergency routes and road closures have been approved by the City of London with the sole purpose of public safety and allowing emergency services full access.  The London Police Service and City of London Parking Enforcement Services are authorized to enforce and take appropriate action to keep all routes clear and will be on site Friday, September 22 to Sunday, September 24th.

There is no entry, parking or stopping of any unauthorized motor vehicle on a closed Emergency Route or roadway. Violators will be towed and are liable for any cost incurred. Property Owners and their guests will have access to their property.

In addition, Property Owners on all Emergency Routes have given their permission to remove any person from their property in relation to the Trespass to Property Act.  Copies of Trespass Notices are registered with the London Police Service.


  • Creamery Road north of Dundas Street to dead end
  • Rebecca Road, between Robins Hill Road and Evelyn Drive
  • Eveyln Drive between Nissouri Road and Rebecca Road
  • Crumlin Road north of Robins Hill Road to venue
  • Huron Street, East between Robins Hill Road and venue
  • Robins Hill Road between Huron Street and Rebecca Road


The following Roads will be closed to Authorized Traffic Only:

  • Crumlin Road north of Oxford Street, Note: Guests can enter to gain access to Blue Con Parking.
  • Crumlin Road north of Robins Hill Road,This is a Shuttle Bus Route Only route and only pre-authorized entry is allowed.  Business owners and their guests are allowed entry.
  • Robins Hill Road between Crumlin Road and Huron Street.There will be no parking or stopping on this roadway.
  • Robins Hill Road between Huron Street and Rebecca Road. - This roadway is closed.  Pre- approved and registered guests to Forest City National Golf will be allowed access to the Club only.  Golf Staff will assist with authorization at Huron Street and Robins Hill Road.
  • Huron Street east from Robins Hill Road will be restricted to VIP Guests, Shuttle Buses and Property Owners.
  • All Emergency Routes as listed above.


 The City of London has approved and will be enforcing the following restrictions;

  • Dundas Street between Crumlin Road and the City Limits, both sides No Stopping / No Parking
  • All Emergency Routes, both sides No Entry No Stopping / No Parking
  • Crumlin Road between Oxford Street and venue, both sides No Stopping / No Parking
  • Robins Hill Road between Huron Street and Rebecca Road, both sides No Stopping / No Parking
  • All other signed areas

A towing service has been contracted to remove all vehicles in violation of restrictions.  The Airshow London Command Centre or London Police Service should be contacted to obtain location and cost associated to towed vehicles.