AIRSHOW LONDON Scores Hat-Trick With World’s Top Jet Fighters 

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AIRSHOW LONDON Scores Hat-Trick With World’s Top Jet Fighters 

Date: Thursday, September 14, 2017

 AIRSHOW LONDON today announced another ‘first’ for Canada and an unbelievable feather in the show’s cap. The US Navy VFA-101 Grim Reapers has confirmed the appearance of the F-35C Lightning II. This adds to a show already packed with heavy hitters, and places London at the top end of events in North America.

Gerry Vanderhoek, Air Operations Director, says his team has been working with the US Navy for a number of months in an effort to bring the aircraft to London.  He adds, “We received word this morning that the F-35C Lightning II was confirmed.  This is an incredible aircraft and London will now be showcasing not only the US Air Force’s F-35A Lightning II as a performer but also the US Navy’s F-35C Lightning II and the amazing US Air Force’s F-22 Raptor as static displays.  We are extremely proud and honoured to have these aircraft brace the skies over London next week as they Made it Their Mission to come to our show.”

Vanderhoek says AIRSHOW LONDON is pulling out all the stops in CELEBRATING Canada 150.  With the appearance of these 3 aircraft, there will be more technology and power on the ramp and in the air than enthusiasts have seen in 150 years of aviation advances.

Dave De Kelver, Executive Director, congratulated the Air Ops Team on topping up what is arguably a stand out and enviable list of aircraft booked for the 2017 show.  AIRSHOW LONDON trusts the addition of this triple play in jet fighter technology will bode well with the 2017 Presenting Sponsor – Lockheed Martin – the aircrafts’ manufacturer.  He added, “AIRSHOW LONDON is setting the bar for future shows.  We have fans and media arriving from across the continent and Europe because this is their ONLY opportunity to see these planes together.  It’s going to be AWESOME.”


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Dave De Kelver – Executive Director – office 519-433-0200