AWESOME 2017 Crowds & Performances

Media Release

Date: Sunday, September 25, 2017

AIRSHOW LONDON (ASL) are pleased to announce the 2017 AIRSHOW LONDON a resounding success with outstanding crowd numbers for all three show days.  Totals topped 32,000 as fans poured into the venue for what was Canada’s largest military air display and arguably one of the top shows in North America.  An incredible lineup of aircraft and beautiful clear skies combined to bring spectators to the venue. Unbelievable displays of pride and power brought them to their feet.

Dave De Kelver, Executive Director, said the lineup of aircraft was stellar and the crowds were in awe of both performers and static displays.  He says, “Our team put together a show that made history. The most advanced aircraft in the world were on our runways and in the skies all weekend.  It was amazing and awesome and people loved it – the performers and crews loved it.”

ASL Board Chair Jim Graham echoed those remarks.  He added, “London has set the bar very high for not only other shows but here at home.  This was only year two of our comeback – in a new format – as a not-for-profit and our team rocked it. London is the center of aviation advancements in technology and education. AIRSHOW LONDON demonstrates the power this sector can bring to not only the city but the country.  Visitors from around the globe made it their mission to be in London this weekend and they were glad they did.”

More than 500 volunteers assisted show organizers with the on the ground set up and event operation.

Plans are already underway for AIRSHOW LONDON September 2018.  Dates and details will be announced in the coming weeks.




Contact:           Jim Graham – Chair – 519-521-6214

Dave De Kelver – Event Director – 519-777-7502


Photo Credit Bruce Laing