No Drone Zone


 Media Advisory


Date: Thursday, September 14, 2017

AIRSHOW LONDON organizers want Londoners and anyone thinking of attending the upcoming show to be aware that NO DRONES should be flown within a 10 mile radius of the London International Airport from Thursday, Sept 21 to Monday, Sept 25 inclusive.  Drone enthusiasts are required to follow Transport Canada rules regarding drone use in commercial air space.

Drone use in the airspace around the London International Airport may affect the ability of incoming aircraft to arrive and/or practice safely within the space.

Gerry Vanderhoek, Air Operations Director, says safety is the first order of business for all airshows and keeping the airspace clear and open for aircraft is critical.  He says, “Drones can be unpredictable and very dangerous if flown too close to commercial or military aircraft. Transport Canada has identified a safe distance and we are asking and reminding drone owners and operators to be aware and comply.”

Dave De Kelver, Executive Director, reiterates the message and asks that local media help AIRSHOW LONDON get the message out.  “We have been peppering our social media sites with a NO DRONE ZONE message but adding to that reminder message and partnering with traditional media is very important.”  He says AIRSHOW LONDON will give photographers an amazing opportunity for great shots and he hopes to see thousands of cameras and phones snapping– but all from ground level.

De Kelver advises that Transport Canada has expanded the standard NO DRONE ZONE of 5.5 km around the airport to a 16 km (10 mile) area to cover the airshow safety requirements. This restriction falls under federal authority and any charges laid are federal in nature. Transport Canada’s website outlines operators could face serious consequences – including up to $25,000 in fines and/or jail time – if they:

  • put aircraft at risk
  • fly where not allowed
  • endanger anyone’s safety


Contact:  Dave De Kelver – Executive Director – 519-777-7502

Gerry Vanderhoek – Air Operations Director – 519- 319-2338