Red, White and Blue at the Ready for AIRSHOW LONDON

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Red, White and Blue at the Ready for AIRSHOW LONDON  

Date: Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The American flag will fly above a number of outstanding participants at this year’s AIRSHOW LONDON (ASL).  Event organizers have pulled together an unbelievable cross section of aircraft and crews from branches of the United States Armed Forces. 

Announcements early in April confirmed the United States Air Force (USAF) F-35 Lightning II Heritage Team would be making its ONLY Canadian appearance in 2017 in London.  Then ASL organizers added confirmation that the much anticipated US Navy F/A18 Demo Team – VFA-106 would be pulling eyes skyward and turning heads for the September 22 – 24th show.

But there’s more to add to the list including air maneuvers by the USAF F-16 team (The Fighting Falcon). The
F-16 is a fighter jet with multiple talents and has a range of over 800 km. It is capable of air to air or air to ground combat and so an effective aircraft wherever needed.

The United States Coast Guard MH-65 will do more than hover over the ASL crowds this fall. Air demonstrations by this high-tech, extremely maneuverable and adept chopper will show why it’s the top piece of kit for search and rescue operations. The MH-65 sports advanced avionics systems and upgraded and integrated weather radar making it a valuable component of the USCG team.

On the static side the US Navy is showing off its MH-53 (Sea Dragon). Well named this helicopter rises up from anywhere and operates from carriers and other warships. It’s powerful and capable of towing a variety of mine hunting/sweeping countermeasures systems. The aircraft can carry up to 55 troops or 32,000 pounds of cargo.

And the final July 4th unveiling is from the US Marine Corps. ASL will be providing a premier parking position for the Corps F-18 and crew - oohrah!

Watch for more performer and static display announcements and find all the details about AIRSHOW LONDON on its website –


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