US Navy P-8 Poseidon

As the Navy transitions to the full capacity with the P-8A Poseidon, the aircraft continues the work-horse tradition established by the P-3C Orion. The P-8A has a planned state-of-the-art open architecture mission system and continues to integrate next-generation sensors. Leveraging the experience and technology of the successful P-3C Orion with the needs of the fleet, the P-8A is designed to be combat-capable improving an operator’s ability to efficiently conduct anti-submarine warfare; anti-surface warfare; and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions. These capabilities give warfighters added protection. The aircraft empowers the fleet with more combat capability, responsiveness, and interoperability with traditional manned forces and evolving unmanned sensors. The P-8A Poseidon has significant growth potential, with planned, phased-in technological improvements that extend global reach, payload capacity, and higher-operating altitude.