The mission of AIRSHOW LONDON is to showcase the aviation, aerospace and defense industry sectors in the London area; provide incredible opportunities for students, and put on an awesome and entertaining show!

It is a not-for-profit organization, governed by a board of directors from the private, public and educational sectors that adds to London’s rich culture, aviation heritage and defense industries.
Jim Graham, President & CEO, TRY Recycling

Peter White, Executive Director, Government Relations & Strategic Partnerships, Western University

Jeffrey Smallwood, Manager of Production and Operations, Diamond Aircraft

Stephen Patterson, Dean of School of Technology, Fanshawe College

Christopher Collins, Partner, Siskinds LLP
Gerry Vanderhoek, Manager, Commercial Services and Passenger Experience, London International Airport
Diana Spremo, Senior Manager Corporate Communications, Sport Sponsorships & Community Investment, CIBC
Mike Froome, Business Development M&T Printing
Larry Weir, School of Aviation, Fanshawe College

Wayne Waterman
John Winston, General Manager, Tourism London

Airshow London Staff

Holly Doty, Executive Director, [email protected] 
Meaghan Holder, Logistics, [email protected]
Jeff Duncan, Site Operations, [email protected]
Tori-Lyn Hill, Media and Public Relations, [email protected]

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