Numerous streets will be closed or restricted to traffic during this event. Only authorized
and emergency vehicles will be allowed entry. Streets closed will include:

  • Crumlin Road North of Oxford Street to venue (Authorized Traffic Only)
  • Robins Hill Road between Huron Street and Rebecca Road (Closed) *
  • Robins Hill Road between Huron Street and Crumlin Road (Local Traffic Only)
  • Huron Street East of Robins Hill Road to venue (Local Traffic Only)
  • Creamery Road North of Dundas Street (Closed)
  • Rebecca Road between Robins Hill Road and Eveyln Drive (Closed)
  • Evelyn Drive between Rebecca Road and Nissouri Road (Closed)

*Note: Authorized traffic to Forest City National Golf Course can accessed from Huron

The following are designated as emergency routes with parking and entry restrictions in

  • Huron Street eastbound from Veterans Memorial Parkway to the venue
  • Crumlin Road northbound from Oxford Street to the venue
  • Rebecca Road southbound from Robins Hill Road to Evelyn Drive
  • Evelyn Drive westbound from Nissouri Road to Rebecca Road
  • Creamery Road north from Dundas Street
  • Robins Hill Road from Huron Street to Rebecca Road

All vehicles parked or stopped on Closed or Restricted Roadways or on Emergency Routes are subject to towing at their expense. (City of London By-law and London Police Service)