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Date: Monday, September 10, 2018

AIRSHOW LONDON (ASL) 2018 posted a crowd count of 30,000 and organizers are very pleased with the weekend turnout. Fans lined up to get into the venue for what was again Canada’s largest military air display and arguably one of the top shows in North America.  Celebrating 90 years of airshows in London, the 2018 edition left no doubt as to why London is a popular destination with performers and spectators.


Dave De Kelver, Executive Director, said the lineup of over 70 aircraft was amazing.  He says, “Our Flight Operations team, led by Gerry Vanderhoek put together a show second to none. This dedication to excellence by our volunteer team is what keeps the most advanced military aircraft and crews looking for a spot on their show roster for London and it’s what puts the ‘awesome’ in what we present.”


ASL Board Chair Jim Graham believes the London show is well positioned to continue expanding – with both participants and sponsors.  He adds, “London set the bar very high for this show right from the start.  We knew we wanted to bring back this event as a premiere, top-level North American showcase for military aircraft and we’ve done it. This was year three and it’s like we’ve taken a hat trick for ASL.  London is the center of aviation advancements in technology and education for our region and AIRSHOW LONDON demonstrates the power this sector brings to not only here but our country. We opened our gates to fans from down the street and we welcomed visitors from around the world.  AIRSHOW LONDON is supporting charities and not for profits and making a name for itself.  We couldn’t be more pleased”.


The final addition to this year’s show was the unveiling of “Katie’s Bears”, named in memory of Gerry Vanderhoek’s daughter Kaitlin. The Saturday night awards night provided an opportunity for each of the crews to receive their ‘Katie Bear’ and it’s expected photos will start to fly in to just about as soon as the planes begin taking off.  The bears will accompany the crews on their journeys and report back through the website and social media so kids at the London Children’s Hospital can follow their adventures.  For more information – go to



Contact:           Jim Graham – Chair – 519-521-6214


Dave De Kelver – Event Director – 519-777-7502

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