Volunteer Information

Thank you for your interest in volunteer opportunities for AIRSHOW LONDON! To get a show like this off the ground, it requires a number of passionate and committed volunteers. AIRSHOW is schedule to take place September 11th-13th.  Below is a run-down of what is required for all volunteers:

AIRSHOW LONDON Volunteer Expectations / Terms and Conditions:

General: Volunteers are key to the success of AIRSHOW LONDON. We will make every effort to accommodate your preferences. There are general expectations and terms and conditions that all volunteers are expected to abide by.

Volunteer Responsibilities:

  • Attend all shifts – available to commit a minimum of 10 hours over the course of the weekend (September 11th-13th, for certain team’s some shifts will be September 11th and September 14th.
  • Shifts are a full day with breaks given during the shift.
  • Check in 15 minutes before your scheduled shift start time.
  • Wear AIRSHOW LONDON uniform and other weather appropriate clothing.
  • Bring items that you can keep on your person (sorry we do not have secure storage).
  • We ask that our volunteers treat other volunteers and our patrons with respect. We also ask that our volunteers are responsible, well-mannered, dependable, able to do their jobs to the best of their ability.

What’s in it for you?

  • Volunteer training
  • An AIRSHOW LONDON uniform
  • Lunches/snacks provided.
  • Offer you a great experience as an ambassador for AIRSHOW LONDON.
  • For high school students, these hours can go towards your 40 hours of mandatory community service.

Transportation: Volunteers are expected to arrange their own transportation to the venue/volunteer parking lot or an AIRSHOW LONDON parking lot to take one of our shuttles to the venue.


To become a volunteer please complete our online application form.

Times to be confirmed closer to the event.
Below is a brief summary of what each team will be reasonable for, please choose two of your preferred volunteer opportunities:

Public Safety [18+]: Duties may include, parking lot attendants, bus route support, flight line control, bag searches, etc.
Kid Zone: Support our kid zone, katies corner, etc.
Hospitality: Check in VIP guests, support VIP experiences and ensure VIP areas are well maintained during the duration of the event.
Volunteer Services: Checking in of volunteers, handing out meals, being assign to teams that need support.
Gate Admissions: Ticket scanning, welcoming & checking in guests.
Site Operations: Keeping the show site clean through out the weekend, delivery of food/water, etc.
Site Build/Tear Down: Ensuring the show site is ready to go, HEAVY LIFTING is a requirement.
Event Photographer: Only approved event photographers can volunteer for this team

ASL reserves the right to define roles as required. Selections are not guaranteed.

Information Privacy: Personal information contained on this form is collected for the use of the AIRSHOW LONDON Organizing Committee. You are agreeing to join the AIRSHOW LONDON Volunteer database and may be contacted for future local volunteer opportunities. (You may unsubscribe to this database at any time.) As we get closer to the show, we send automated emails. These emails sometimes get treated as spam. Please add [email protected] as a trusted sender so you are to receive our emails.