AIRSHOW LONDON (ASL) is a not-for-profit organization showcasing London and area’s aviation, aerospace and defence industry sectors, and education opportunities. Add to that the amazing entertainment value the SHOW and you’ve got an AWESOME event.

Partnerships and sponsorships are a must have and ASL would like to thank the businesses and like-minded organizations who MADE IT THEIR MISSION to provide support to AIRSHOW LONDON. 2017 saw AIRSHOW LONDON take the NUMBER ONE POSITION for military demonstrations and displays in Canada.

And our partners are GREAT. AIRSHOW LONDON AND FANSHAWE COLLEGE have teamed up to provide students from the Norton Wolf School of Aviation Technology and over 30 other Fanshawe curriculums on the ground practical experience. This is where young interests and energy meet real world opportunities. Everyone gains from this collaboration.

London International Airport has demonstrated its commitment to AIRSHOW LONDON over and over again. Thanks to the organization and ALL its people for their guidance and enthusiasm.
AIRSHOW LONDON supports the Children’s Hospital Foundation and Veteran’s charities, per Board policy. Giving back to the community is at the top of the list for AIRSHOW LONDON. ASL is helping where it can and whenever it can in our community.

2017 saw AIRSHOW LONDON celebrate Canada’s 150th in spectacular style. The international lineup of performers and participants brought people from across North America and Europe to our gates.

2018 is on track to again provide the WOW show goers love and a reputation for PRIDE and POWER. Thank you to the military teams and service sectors who put AIRSHOW LONDON on their schedules. ASL is pleased to roll out the red carpet for you.

Keep an eye on our growing list of performers and BE HERE Sept 7 – 9.


Join the excitement.