Our Environmental Impact

Airshow London Implements Environmental Action Plan

Airshow London makes great effort and takes great pride in evolving as a professional, responsible, active, and giving member of the London and area community. An organization that our team of executives, partners and volunteers can be proud to be associated with, and our guests can feel good about attending.

There are many ways we work to achieve these goals, one of them being the execution of an active environmental action plan that strives to reduce Airshow London’s carbon footprint. Like many organizations, we too believe in the preservation of our environment, and as a result, we integrate into our core operations, actions that mitigate adverse environmental impact.

Some of our environmental initiatives include:

  • We have engaged an environmental advisor to assess the show’s environmental impact and advise how we can reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint.
  • In May 2023, the air show partnered with the Thames Valley District School Board to fund the planting of 2,500 trees to offset the greenhouse gas emissions produced by the show.
  • We currently recycle 50% of our waste with a target of 75%, in addition to decreasing overall waste by 50%.
  • We encourage our paying guests to contribute to waste reduction.
  • Airshow London is exploring additional mitigation opportunities, both internally and externally, such as our car rental program and supporting local environmental organizations that work to reduce climate change.
  • We are reviewing the rental car program to maximize fuel efficiency and minimize kilometers driven by our visiting crews.

In 2022, the air show produced a net total of 16 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions; the equivalent of what 1.2 people produce in a year, or 4 cars produce in a year.

While we recognize that additional greenhouse gas emissions come from performing aircraft and fuel usage, both the Canadian and U.S. militaries have their own comprehensive climate action plans that account for their greenhouse gas emissions, and because these are out of our control, they are not part of our calculations or action items.

Greenhouse gas emissions that do fall under direct Airshow London control, such as civilian aircraft, rental vehicles and waste management, were more than offset in 2023 by the tree planting initiative with the Thames Valley District School Board.

We are proud of our proactivity in the area of environmental conservation, and we will continue to take action to offset the carbon footprint created by our annual event.

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