Thames Valley takes flight and celebrates new partnership with Airshow London

Thames Valley is thrilled to announce that the Aviation School is now home to an industry flight simulator, generously funded by Airshow London.

The TVDSB Aviation School is a collaborative and experiential school designed for students throughout TVDSB who have a shared passion for aviation. 

“As educators, our goal is to create learning opportunities with industry experts to help us explore career pathways and allow us to design relevant experiences for students to achieve success” says Laura Briscoe, Innovation Coordinator at Thames Valley.

Thames Valley looks forward to building our collaborative experiences with Airshow London as we kick-off the new school year by bringing Grade 6 classes throughout the system to the pre-airshow event to learn more about flight curriculum from industry experts.

“Being able to give back to the community and inspire future aviators in the region is the goal of Airshow London. As a former Montcalm Cougar, 30-year aviation professional and Airshow Director, this Flight Simulator will advance the Mission of Airshow London and inspire young aviators in the region” says Gerry Vanderhoek, Director of Flight Operations, Airshow London.

“Having students explore the Weather Systems course using real, live, weather in the simulator will create a deeper understanding of how important weather and Geography are to flight” says TVDSB Geography and History teacher, Meaghan Gerber. 

“When we have opportunities to create real world connections and learning scenarios in Physics, it helps students retain information because they begin to truly understand it” says TVDSB Physics teacher, Robert Shackelton.

The TVDSB Aviation School is a unique program open to ALL students throughout Thames Valley and fosters technical skills and develops the skills of critical thinking, innovation, creativity, self-directed learning, collaboration and citizenship. Students have the opportunity to develop aviation-based knowledge and skills through a variety of programs including aircraft restoration, maintenance, repair, flight simulation. All training is consistent with Transport Canada’s current standards. 

Flight Simulator Media Event Details

Date: Thursday, June 9th, 1:00pm-1:45pm

Location:  Montcalm Secondary School foyer

Address:1350 Highbury Ave N, London, ON N5V 4R8


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